Hand Stamp Alternative for Oil & Gas Part Marking


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Marking Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Hand Stamp Alternative for Permanent Part Identification

MECCO offers the best marking technology to meet the needs of the oil & gas industry. Deep marking is important to ensure permanent traceability when harsh environment conditions are the norm. Our dot peen product line features the fastest and deepest marking technology in the industry while also offering portability.

MECCO delivers portable, benchtop, combination and integrated traceability systems for oil & gas parts including:
  • Pipes
  • Tubing
  • Flanges

Deepest Marks Made Fast

Produce a legible mark every time with the portable COUTH N-34 Series: readable after painting, galvanizing or plating.

Durable Equipment

Our COUTH dot peen marking systems are heavy duty machines specifically intended for deep marking applications.

Hand Held Marking

Easy-to-use portable marking systems offer the ability to mark large parts or mark in the field. 


for Oil & Gas Industry Traceability

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We're used to tackling manufacturers' challenges across various industries.  Take a look at some of the systems we've built to help streamline marking and traceability.

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