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Marking and Traceability Experts

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, MECCO has been leading the way in industrial product marking and identification systems since 1889. Throughout the evolution of new marking techniques, MECCO has helped our customers determine the best technology for their application.

We bring expertise to every project, which is the result of 130 years of knowledge on part marking methods and equipment, data matrix codes and scanners, and software programming and integration for system performance optimization.

Why Choose MECCO

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Your traceability needs are unique. We recognize that. That's why we don't just sell you an out-of-the-box marking and traceability solution. We partner with you to deliver a system that not only meets your expectations but provides you and your team with a better experience, one based on teamwork and real conversations.

That's The MECCO Experience

Our Approach

Rather than high-pressure sales, our approach is based on innovative relationships that lead to innovative solutions. From initial conversation to equipment delivery to our lifetime application lab access, you will work directly with the team members who build and deliver your technology. Expect your MECCO team to work with you to understand your needs and translate those needs into solutions.

Marking and Traceability Solutions

Whether you're interested in our SMARTmark Laser Marking Systems or Dot Peen Pin Marking Systems, you can be certain that you're getting high-quality, cost- effective technologies with honest and responsive expert service. 

Our Story

Making Our Mark for Over a Century

A Part Identification Company is Born

MECCO was founded in 1889 as M.E. Cunningham Company and incorporated in 1906. The company produced rubber stamps/sundries until 1924, when Frank Speicher Sr. bought controlling interest and introduced steel stamp and other metal marking product manufacturing. 

After a fire destroyed the Pittsburgh plant and office in 1936, it was decided that the company would be rebuilt as a metal marking manufacturer. Influencing this decision was an exclusive license agreement obtained for the use of patented alloy shock steel for making steel hand stamps. 

Safety Advances

In the 1940s, the “MECCO SAFETY” trademark was introduced for the special heat treat of the stamps, which provided a very important non-spalling and non-mushrooming of the heads.  This line of products enabled the company to develop an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of top quality marking tools, and focus began to shift toward designing and manufacturing made-to-order marking fixtures and machines for special product applications.

In the early 1950s, the company designed the 701-RCW, a slab and bloom marker that could be operated from a distance.  Developed for the first computer-operated strip mill in the United States at the Jones and Laughlin Steel Plant in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, 701-RCW markers gained interest at the Iron and Steel Engineer’s Exposition and more than 125 would be installed in steel mills throughout the world.

Dot Marking Evolves

The 1980s and 1990s saw an evolution of dot marking technology, with the Bloom Marker and Dot-A-Mark systems for various steel mill applications. In the wake of the steel industry decline, MECCO introduced commercial designs of the Dot-A-Mark. 

In 1991, we were granted a patent for indenting a bar code into the surface of an object.

The development of dot matrix systems in 1991 included the X-Y operating systems which allowed for portable machine application, adaptation to manufacturing cells, and a variety of mounting procedures.

By 1992, a strategic partnership with Couth provided an important addition to the multi-pin Dot-A-Mark systems – single pin marking. Their MC-2000, a single pin, computer-operated marking system, was made available in North America through MECCO’s exclusive distributor rights for all Couth products.

Two years later, we partnered with Sensis Corporation to automatically scan and read Bumpy Bar Codes. The companies worked together to develop markets for this system, leading to installations at companies like John Deere, Caterpillar, and Cummins Engine.  

Leading the Automation Evolution with Traceability

Through acquiring Sensis’ reader division in 2000, the company was able to create a patented indent marking package that included the SP-202 Barcode Marker and fixed-mount and hand-held bar code readers.  

Other direct part marking methods, including molding and casting, laser, embossing, and engraving, were added to the product mix.  Combining these with the reader and data collection capabilities, the company was able to pioneer traceability solutions in harsh environments where other symbologies and technologies were unable to perform.

In 2002, a group of Pittsburgh business leaders purchased the company and consolidated its divisions into one new name: MECCO Marking & Traceability. Utilizing the company’s long history with high-quality marking equipment and cutting edge technology, MECCO experienced much growth through its focus on cost-effective laser marking and dot peen technologies for workstations, portable marking, and integrated production lines while offering world class customer support. 

Taking Innovation to the Next Level

Since the last decade, we’ve launched into a new era of marking and traceability technology advancements. Our first laser, the Safety Seal, which was granted a patent in 2014, created a space-saving solution to achieve Class I laser safety with a minimal footprint. This innovation paved the way for the expanded line of both laser and dot peen marking products that we offer today.

Our engineered solutions – customized and integrated turnkey systems for a variety of industries and production environments – make us truly unique, as does MECCO’s EtherMark. This revolutionary patent-pending innovation is the first of its kind to enable marking devices to integrate via industry-standard EtherNet/IP protocol, eliminating the many hours of custom programming traditionally required. 

These pioneering developments have earned MECCO national and global recognition. In 2014, we were accepted as a Rockwell Automation Encompass™ Partner for our EtherMark-enabled products. In 2016, we were named Manufacturer of the Year by the Pittsburgh Business Times and also received a U.S. Department of Commerce's Export Achievement Award.

Envisioning the Future of Traceability over 130 Years

Since our founding, we’ve had the privilege of working with a number of steel mills and manufacturers to develop marking innovations that have resulted in over a dozen patents. MECCO’s extensive experience gives us a greater understanding of the marking needs of today while providing a unique vision for developing the technologies of the future.

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To be the best, you have to align yourself with the premier companies in your industry. We're proud to work with some of the best manufacturing companies in the world to deliver superior solutions for our customers.

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