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Laser Applications Laser Welding

What is Laser Welding?

Laser welding utilizes a laser beam as a concentrated heat source to join multiple pieces together. Delivering a focused heat source, laser welding creates a strong seam at a high speed.

The processes and applications of laser welding are most prominent in the automotive industry, where lasers boost productivity at a low cost when welding automotive parts – such as roof , door or filter assemblies – together.

However, laser welding is also often used in the jewelry and medical industries to put together metals on a smaller level. Any material with a high heat conductivity can be laser welded, whether it’s for an automobile or a small medical/jewelry item. Laser welding is also frequently used in high capacity manufacturing in the medical and automotive industries. 

Materials best suited for laser welding:

Any thermoplastic is a candidate for laser welding to itself.  
  • For transmision welding: Must have one transparent part and one opaque part 
  • For dissimilar thermoplastics: Melting temperatures should have a 50° C overlap range. Allows for melting phase (between solid and decomposition phases) to be compatible

Tooling for Laser Welding of Plastics

  • Clamping for pressure during welding must be done close to the welding location
  • Otherwise, the melting plastic pushes the parts apart and does not completely weld
  • Transmission requires a clamping method that allows laser access to the full perimeter of an object
  • Custom tooling design is a crucial piece for success with this process

Laser Welding Application Videos

See SMARTmark Lasers in Action

  • Introducing the New Fiber Laser

    Introducing the New Fiber Laser

    This latest generation fiber laser facilitates integration into factory automation networks using Ethernet/IP protocol and embedded controller technology.

  • Laser Welding Demonstration

    Laser Welding Demonstration

    A demonstration of a fiber laser being used for transmission plastic welding.