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COUTHsmartbox Controller

Models: 7" KeyPad, 10" Touchscreen

COUTHsmartbox Controller

The Latest Generation of Pin Marking Controller

The smartbox controller is the latest generation controller for our pin marking equipment.  It is available in two configurations: the keypad with 7" color screen or the 10" color touchscreen.

This autonomous control system does not require a PC for operation, and it is possible to manage multiple smartboxes with just one HMI.

System Features

  • Increased power for marking units by 15-20%, providing greater marking depth and/or speed through advanced electronics
  • Autonomous control system, does not require PC for operation
  • Connection available for main communication protocols (EtherNet/IP, Profibus, Profinet)
  • Remote access for technical assistance
  • Reception of diagnostics in PLCs made by the smartbox control unit
  • Removeable and interchangeable screen, easy to place
  • An intuitive, color user interface

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable marking speed and depth.
  • 11 input signals and 7 output signals that can be programmed for connection with controller.
  • Can transfer all kinds of information, instructions and parameters for marking.
  • Marking on straight, tilted, arc and mirror lines.
  • Marking logotypes and special characters from vectoral archives, DXF, DWG and PLT/HPGL.
  • Marking DATAMATRIXTM codes, both square and rectangular, as well as QR codes.
  • Possibility of using and creating any font type requested by the client.
  • Compression, expansion and spacing between characters, cursive and density of marking can all be adjusted.
  • 40-line files and 75-character line.
  • Possibility of storing up to 10,000 marking files.
  • Provides for operation in PC or controller slave mode.
  • Serial connection RS 232, Ethernet built-in, available: Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP.
  • Possibility of connection with external keyboard, mouse and USB.
  • Option of connecting machines with encoders combined with motors.
  • Possibility of connecting with bar code and DATAMATRIXTM readers.
  • Power voltage 110/220V; 50/60Hz.
  • Option for front panel with standard 19″ rack.
  • Meets CE and UL standards


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