T2 Controller and MC2000 Dot Peen Software Electronic Controller

MC2000 T2 Controller

MC2000 T2 Controller

Controller and Software for MC2000 Machines

MC2000 T2 is a time-tested and rugged electronic controller for all MC2000 marking machines. The T2 controller embodies the best properties of all previous Couth control units and makes it easy for those in dirty environments to make changes to the mark settings in real-time. 

Its vectorial-definition based marking system makes it possible to mark every kind of characters and logos in any size, without losing resolution at all.

System Features

  • Stand-alone unit. No PC required for its operation
  • Controller suitable for any COUTH marking system
  • Pneumatic or electromagnetic drive according to mechanics
  • Graphic menus for easier use
  • Multi-language menus
  • Vectorial marking without losing resolution whatever the size
  • Straight, oblique, arc and symmetrical marking capabilities
  • Marking of serial numbers, prior setting of range and recurrence, shifts, time, date, week, etc
  • Marking of logos and special characters
  • Marking of 2D DataMatrix coding
  • Choice of fonts. Possibility of creating customised fonts
  • Adjustable character compression, expansion, spacing, italic writing and dot density
  • Adjustable speed and impacting force
  • Plug-in or built-in Start/Stop push-button box
  • Slave mode of operation with PC or PLC

Technical Specifications

  • RS232 series interface, adaptable to RS485, Ethernet, Profibus
  • 11 input signals and 7 output signals, all programmable for connection to PLC
  • Socket for external keyboard connection
  • Socket for barcode or DataMatrix code reader connection
  • Connector for plate feeder, rotating devices, jogging systems, etc.
  • 40-line files (75 characters/line)
  • Storage of up to 500 files
  • PC-compatible SD Card for storage and transfer of settings, files, logos, etc
  • RoHS standard compliant SMD technology. - Complies with CE mark European Directive
  • Power supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • 120mmx90mm, 320x240 pixel grey scale display
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth -mm-) 280x160x261
  • Weight: 5.450kg

Series Connection

The MC2000 T2 communications protocol makes it possible to manage the entire marking process of several marking units simultaneously from a PC or PLC.

This is a robust, 100% reliable communications protocol featuring a large set of commands that permit changing all and any of the controller’s general parameters as well as the marking parameters.

T2 Controller Integration

Digital Input & Output Connection

A set of 11 input and 7 output digital signals and three timers provide a solution to manage the entire marking process from a PLC of automaton.

In addition to fixed meaning signals (Error, pause, ready, reset and binary marking), the programmable inputs and outputs in combination with the timers give users an option to control various external electromechanical devices or to create simple automatisms.

MC2000 Software

A computer is not required to run the MC2000 series impact marking systems, but a computer can be attached to the MC2000 T2 controller to add further ease of use and additional capabilities.

MECCO provides two programs at no cost to assist with faster programming and additional features: MCEDIT2 and MCVector. The MCEDIT2 windows based software allows you to quickly and easily create marking files that can be loaded on to the dot peen controller. The MCVector program is used to create graphics such as logos in the proper language for the controller. Aside from these standard programs we have the ability to create custom software to help with data integration and ease of use.

T2 Controller Product Resources

Product Resources are available in our Virtual Product Support section, including:
  • Software Files
  • Manuals
  • Integration Guides
  • Troubleshooting Videos
  • Software Training Videos

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Software Programs

  • MCEdiT2


    This is an easy to use marking file creation and editing software application designed for use with the MC 2000 T2 controller. The software enables users to create marking files on a computer quickly.

  • MCVector


    This software is for converting logos and graphics to work with the MC2000 series marking systems. Simply import a CAD files, .bmp or jpg image and trace the graphic to convert the image into a format supported by the MC2000 controller.

  • Custom GUI's

    Custom GUI's

    Custom programs can be created to help simplify and/or automate the use of the dot peen marking systems. Typical applications for this are the creation of custom Graphical User Interface (GUI) and data communications with programs like SAP or plant floor control software and PLCs.

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