Mark Electronic Components with Laser Marking Systems

Marking Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Permanent Identification for Your Electronic Components

Laser marking systems offer the ability to permanently mark barcodes, product specs, certifications and other important identification information, delivering item level traceability that facilitates production automation, inventory management, lot control, quality control/defect containment and error proofing.

MECCO delivers traceability systems for electronic components including:

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Molded plastic housings
  • Semi-conductor parts
  • Rubber items in assembly as well as supplier production facilities

Permanent Alternative to Inkjet & Labeling

Laser marking permanently brands and identifies your components, eliminating consumables to save money: as much as $176,785 over a five year period.

High Quality, Contrast Marks

Laser marking systems offer a wide range of capabilities, making clear marks that have contrast without creating electrical interference by exposing the copper.

Make Your Mark in Small Areas

With SMARTmark Lasers, you can mark in small areas on circuit chips or other small components. Add traceability to even your smallest parts with 2D Data Matrix barcodes.


for Electronics Industry Traceability

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