Mark Electronic Components with Laser Marking Systems


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Marking Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Permanent Identification for Your Electronic Components

Permanently mark barcodes, product specs, certifications, and other important identification information on a range of products with industrial laser marking systems.

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Why Laser Mark Electronic Components?

Manufacturers of electronic components choose laser marking for its high quality, readable marks and ability to engrave even the smallest components. Laser marking is the key to the necessary product identification and traceability OEMs demand.

Unlike labels, laser marks cannot be removed or altered. This means that counterfeiting and grey market risks, which are typically higher in the electronics industry, are minimized.

Laser marking machines can tackle a wide variety of materials and applications, including electronic components, such as:

Laser marking on electronic components is permanent, creates high-contrast marks, and is perfect for small or inconspicuous marks. Enable item-level traceability that facilitates:

  • Production automation
  • Inventory management
  • Lot control
  • Quality control/defect containment
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Error proofing
  • Industry standard compliance (including FCC, GCC, IEC, UL, and more)

What to Look for When Laser Marking Electronics

There are a few different solutions for laser marking electronic components. Fiber, UV, or Green laser marking systems are the most common solutions used in this industry.

Green and UV lasers excel at marking delicate or heat sensitive parts, such as very thin plastics. The result is a high quality mark achieved at a relatively high marking speed. Because these types of lasers create less heat, they're also called "cold lasers."

Fiber laser are extremely versatile in the electronics industry. Use fiber lasers for industrial traceability to branding, on materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, ceramic, and brass. With one machine, operations can mark several types of components, making these machines highly efficient.

Fiber laser marking workstations, like the LightWriter™ by MECCO® are compact and cost effective. Available with 20W or 50W MOPA Fiber Laser power, manual or automatic doors, and up to a 300 x 300mm marking area, operations can mark large batches of electronic components quickly. The LightWriter is laser marking made easy with its all-in-one design with easy-to-use software and a sturdy Class I safety enclosure.

If you need a system that can integrate into a production line, OEM fiber, green, or UV lasers and some workstation configurations can work for your operation. These systems are equipped to connect with your database to collect valuable manufacturing data on your electronic components. You can also integrate other features, such as vision or robot compatibility for even more advanced automation.

Permanent Alternative to Inkjet & Labeling

Laser marking eliminates consumables to save money. Permanent branding and identification, plus features to increase mark accuracy can help operations avoid the over $1M in losses per year from label printing errors*.

*Institute for Supply Management

High Quality, Contrast Marks

Poor mark quality interferes with your operation and products. Laser marking systems make clear marks that have contrast without creating electrical interference by exposing the copper.

Make Your Mark in Small Areas

With SMARTmark and LightWriter Lasers, you can mark in small areas on circuit chips or other small components. Add traceability to even your smallest parts with 2D Data Matrix barcodes.


for Electronics Industry Traceability

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