Aerospace Traceability Solutions

Marking Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Marking Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

MECCO’s marking machines keep all aerospace parts permanently marked and traceable per the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Part 45 – Identification and Registration Marking, Title 14: Aeronautics and Space.

From an airplane’s wings down to its smallest, most intricate components, every material and component manufactured for flying an aircraft can be tracked and traced from cradle-to-grave with a MECCO laser or dot peen marker.

In the manufacturing process, MECCO machines have helped save aerospace companies time and money while minimizing recall time and profit loss. Our machines have added traceable marks of all types to helicopters, airplanes, rockets and a variety of other aircrafts with the biggest players in the aeronautics industry.

Our service culture, first-class customer service and centuries of experience in production and repair ensures your traceability process is running at maximum capacity with every mark. 

Our machines add traceability to parts of all shapes and sizes on aerospace machines of every type. From the largest metal parts to the smallest, most delicate electronic components, we have a solution for your application. 

MECCO machines ensure permanent traceability per the Electronic Code of Regulations Part 45 to ensure sure full FAA compliance. 

If any of our systems do not fit your exact needs, we can custom engineer a solution to the exact specifications your project requires.

We have worked with some of biggest players in the aerospace industry to create and design customized applications that fit their exact needs. Have a problem? We have a solution.

The easiest way to integrate laser marking or dot peen marking into your manufacturing processes is with our native EtherNet/IP communication and the space-saving, patented Safety Seal.

Made for marking large parts, the Safety Seal has delivered security, cost-effectiveness and process control in some of the most high-volume automotive plants in the United States.


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