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Dot Peen & Vibra Peen Pin Marking

About Pin Marking

Dot Peen, Vibra Peen & Scribing

Dot Peen (or pin stamping) is the common phrase referring to a permanent, direct part marking process using a carbide pin to indent the marking surface with text, logos and 2D Data Matrix barcodes.

These marking machines engrave data deeply to last in the harshest of manufacturing environments and be readable after painting or galvanizing. They’re capable of marking on a wide range of substrates from plastic to hardened steel up to 65Hrc.  

Dot Peen

Example of a dot peen mark in metal

Dot peen marks are the least intrusive impact mark method and can be produced by either electric or pneumatic systems.  A single pin or multi-pin device creates a specific dot pattern in each character. There is a direct correlation between the striking of the stylus and the X-Y movement of the head.  

Vibra Peen™

Example of a Vibra Peen mark in metal

Vibra Peen™ technology is unique to MECCO’s MC2000 line of dot peen products and improves upon the quality and readability of the marks by increasing the pulsing of the carbide pin to form continuous lines. 

Vibra Peen™ can only be produced by pneumatic MC2000 systems. The stylus cycles up and down at a fixed rate of 80 to 100 cycles per second, creating a mark that has no specific dot pattern. 97% of our customers use this technology over dot peen due to its speed, appearance, and depth of mark.


Example of a scribe mark in metalScribing machines are a pneumatic system that presses down and drags across the part material. It is X,Y stepper motor driven.   The depth is controlled by air pressure and the size of the marking head. This system produces a high-quality mark at a reduced noise level. 

Choosing a Pin Marking System

Pneumatic or electric dot peen marking system?

Pneumatic Pin Marking Systems

Pneumatic systems allow for deeper, smoother looking marks at a much faster marking speed. They can produce dot peen or Vibra Peen™ type marks. 

Pneumatically driven systems use air pressure to drive the stylus/pin down into the material, which offers more force than electric driven solenoid systems.

Adjusting the amount of air pressure entering the system increases or decreases the marking depth. The use of air pressure allows for the stylus to travel up and down between 80 and 100 times per second. This is what creates the smooth looking mark.

Marking Depths on Mild Steel:

  • N-07: .001" - .003" deep
  • N-14: .003" - .008" deep
  • N-20: .005" - .012" deep
  • N-34: .008" - .020" deep

Electric Pin Marking Systems

Electric systems are best for low stress marks and can only produce the dot peen type. This is due to the fact that the stylus does not cycle up and down fast enough to produce Vibra Peen™.

If you don’t have an air compressor or if you cannot run air lines to the area for part marking, then choose an electric system to produce a dot pattern that can easily create text, characters, and 2D Data Matrix.

Mark Depths on Mild Steel:

  • S-02: .003" - .008" deep
  • S-06: .005" - .012" deep

VIDEOS:Watch MC2000 Pin Markers

See the dot peen, Vibra Peen™ and scribe pin marking applications in action in the MECCO Video Library, where our marking systems are demonstrated adding barcodes, text and logos on a variety of materials.

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