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Pin Marking Applications Vibra Peen

What is Vibra Peen?

Vibra Peen is a trademark owned by MECCO.  It can only be produced by pneumatic COUTH pin marking systems.  The stylus cycles up and down at a fixed rate of 80 to 100 cycles per second, creating a mark that has no specific dot pattern.  97% of our customers choose this method over dot peen.

Vibra Peen adds deep, readable, permanent marks to the surface and material at a high speed and is ideal for a variety of industries, applications and materials. 

Industries, materials and applications best suited for vibra peen:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automated/High-Speed Marking
  • Fabricators
  • Steel 
  • Metal

Vibra Peen Application Videos

See COUTH Pin Marking in Action

  • N-34 Deep Marker

    N-34 Deep Marker

    The N-34 Series enables traceability and identification of parts that must withstand harsh environments.

  • Portable Pipe Marker with Magnetic Guide

    Portable Pipe Marker with Magnetic Guide

    This portable pipe marker is paired with a magnetic guide to make dot peen marking around pipes easy.

  • Vibra Peen Logo Marking

    Vibra Peen Logo Marking

    This shows the engraving of Vibra Peen marked logos onto parts.