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Marking Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Efficient Automation for Permanent Automotive Marking

MECCO’s automotive marking and traceability solutions meet all AIAG requirements as specified in the B-4 Marking and Identification Standard and B-17 Direct Part Marking Guidelines.

Permanent, direct part marking keeps all automotive parts eternally traceable and delivers item level traceability that maximizes your company’s efficiency through production automation, inventory management, lot control, quality control/defect containment and error proofing.

MECCO’s laser and dot peen marking solutions keep all parts in the automotive industry eternally tracked and traced throughout every step of the manufacturing process with a full range of cost-effective technologies.

Our service culture and customer-first philosophy delivers the comprehensive support you need to keep your production efficient and smooth.

MECCO delivers traceability systems for automotive components including castings, forgings, plastics and rubber in assembly and supplier production facilities.

If any of our systems do not fit your exact needs, we can custom engineer a solution to the exact specifications your project requires.

We have worked with some of biggest players in the automotive industry to create and design customized applications that fit their exact needs. Have a problem? We have a solution.

The easiest way to integrate laser marking or dot peen marking into your manufacturing processes is with our native EtherNet/IP communication and the space-saving, patented Safety Seal .

Made for marking large parts, the Safety Seal has delivered security, cost-effectiveness and process control in some of the most high-volume automotive plants in the United States.

Our machines mark a variety of surfaces and parts of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a 2D bar code, timestamp or serial number, MECCO can keep your part’s history connected throughout its entire life cycle.

The MECCO Experience helps keep your production running efficiently and at maximum capacity 24/7.

A marking partnership with MECCO includes a 2-year warranty on all new systems as well as unlimited phone support and remote diagnosis.

We also keep standard components in stock for overnight shipping and sell service kits that keep critical components readily available. 

We offer training programs on-site, online or at our facility so your staff can properly care for your machine. We also ship Service Training Videos with every new unit. 

Our factory trained representatives are located across North American and are available to help you with your project locally. Many provide demonstrations and will visit to review your application and answer any questions. 

Since 1889, we have evolved with our customers to provide the best applications for their projects. We listen to our customers and offer unparalleled service with every purchase. 


for Automotive Industry Traceability

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