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Combat Counterfeiting with Two-Factor Verification & Laser Marking

Presented by MECCO & iTRACE Technologies 

OEM manufacturers have been negatively impacted by diverted and counterfeit goods. Established market pricing has been eroded, reputations for quality have been ruined and product liability has increased as a result of fake products entering the market. Some companies are fighting back against this threat by directly placing covert encrypted micro marks on their products with lasers which can be used to authenticate goods, to identify grey market diverters and to prevent false liability claims.

You'll learn about:
– The impact of counterfeiting 
– How to cut off grey market supply
– An anti-counterfeiting case study
– Unique features of iTRACE two-factor authentication 

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Achieving Traceability with Direct Part Marking

Presented by MECCO & Horizon Solutions

Product traceability over its complete life cycle is one of the key issues driving marking technology today. Manufacturers are looking for cradle-to-grave traceability to improve product quality and to make sure all their suppliers comply with quality standards. Marking solutions that feature factory-ready EtherNet/IP connectivity through EtherMark, can reduce integration time from 30+ hours to as little as 8 minutes.

What You Will Learn
– How direct part marking enables traceability throughout a product’s life cycle
– What is the business impact of traceability
– The four key components of a traceability system
– How traceability with EtherNet/IP-enabled marking enables visibility from “big data” all the way down to “small data”
– How direct part marking can drastically reduce your implementation time of a smart marking system in your Connected Enterprise

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Traceability in the Connected Enterprise

Presented by MECCO & Rockwell Automation

This webinar discusses the business imperative of realizing a “connected enterprise” with Rockwell Automation, the world’s leading provider of industrial power, control and information systems. The Connected Enterprise model makes it valuable to install MECCO’s laser/dot peen marker that harnesses the power of EtherNet/IP. Learn how traceability fits in and enables visibility from “big data” all the way down to the “small data” of every individual part manufactured.'

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The Power of EtherNet/IP: Smart Networks and Markers

Presented by MECCO & Rockwell Automation

This webinar is an introduction to using EtherNet/IP to create smart, highly scalable and easily implementable production equipment. We explore the advantages of using EtherNet/IP to make your projects cheaper, simpler and more serviceable, as well as leveraging the power of EtherNet/IP when it comes to marking devices.

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Intro to EtherMark

This webinar is an introduction to MECCO’s EtherMark solution for native EtherNet/IP integration for laser and dot peen markers.

We will introduce the benefits of this technology and give a short demonstration to show how simple it is to go from a blank PLC program to one that marks a 2D barcode and human readable text in under 15 minutes.

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