Low Stress Dot Peen Marking | Pin Marking Applications


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Pin Marking Applications Low Stress Marking

What is Low-Stress Pin Marking?

In order to maintain a part’s strength and durability, Dot Peen machines can add low-stress marking that avoids cracking and compromising a part’s strength. The low-stress mark is accomplished by different pin type angles or programmable dot spacing.

Because of the low-stress dot patterns, this type of pin marking can be done on a number of materials across a variety of industries. Whether it is light engraving or a deep marking, the low-stress pin mark adds lifetime traceability. 

Industries, materials and applications best suited for low-stress pin marking:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Fabricators
  • Electronics
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Plastic 
  • Wood

Dot Peen Marking Application Videos

See MECCO Machines in Action

  • Dot Peen Tag Marking System

    Dot Peen Tag Marking System

    This tag marking system is the perfect solution for marking stacks of tags at a time with serial numbers, text, and other information.

  • Pin Marking System with Noise Reducing Enclosure

    Pin Marking System with Noise Reducing Enclosure

    This dot peen marking system has been customized to meet low noise requirements.

  • SuperFast Marking a Metal Band

    SuperFast Marking a Metal Band

    This video displays the superfast marker with bidirectional marking.