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Customer Training

Learning Opportunities

Do you want to boost your knowledge or train your team members? Let our laser and pin marking experts open the door to new solutions for your operation. 

Virtual Courses

WinLase® Setup Basics: How to Build a Job File

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Trainer: Carol Nelson, Applications Engineer, MECCO

Understanding your laser marking software interface is essential to effectively and efficiently operating your MECCO Laser Marking System. 

This course is designed exclusively for MECCO customers. After completing this two-hour demonstration, you and your team will better understand how to use WinLase® by MECCO Laser Marking Software to optimize laser marking and gain efficiency for your applications. 

In this virtual training course, you will:
  • Learn how to properly build contents of a job file, apply appropriate settings, and successfully mark on sample material.
  • Understand the steps to build various objects; automate objects and job files; apply laser settings; and set up the laser system. 
  • Gain the essential skills to ensure you and your team are effectively creating job files and marking in the field.
  • Get to ask your trainer about your specific challenges or applications. 

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Meet Your Trainer

Carol Nelson has helped MECCO customers find thousands of solutions over the years as an Applications Engineer. Coming from a large engineering family, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management from Robert Morris University and joined the MECCO team in 2017. Today, she gets to work with customers every day to help them better understand their processes and technology. She has become a go-to expert because of her deep technical knowledge and experience as well as her love of learning and helping others. When she’s not developing sample marking reports or doing research and development on new marking systems, you can find Carol camping, hiking, and spending time with her pets.

"Having Carol as a resource for setting up our laser has been invaluable. Each time we ran into an issue finding the “best settings” for different material types, Carol gave us suggestions for starting points, and we would minorly tweak those settings to find our perfect etch. She is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to your questions." - Cynthia Rees, Regulatory Manager, MECCO Customer

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Watch on-demand webinars hosted by the MECCO team. Learn new tips and skills 24/7.

Getting Started with Laser Marking

50 minutes

Are you new to laser marking or just want to better understand the process? In this webinar, Josh Christley, MECCO's laser product manager, explains how laser marking and engraving can benefit manufacturers in a number of ways, from increasing operational efficiency to streamlining inventory and supply chain management.


Rethink Pin Marking

34 minutes

In this webinar, Michael Davis, an outside sales engineer at MECCO, discusses how manufacturers are leveraging dot peen marking technology to gain operational benefits, as well as satisfy customer demands. Michael also touches on the latest technology advancements and how you can achieve the fastest and deepest marks in the industry.


Stand Out: Laser and Pin Marking Innovations to Gain that Competitive Edge

32 minutes

Discover what's new and how you can harness the technologies you need to out-mark and out-do your competition with MECCO Sales Manager, Scott Cunningham.

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Have You Tried Our Virtual Product Support?

MECCO's Virtual Product Support offers videos and documentation so that you can get help when you need it.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use this library for on-demand support for some of our most frequently asked questions on both laser marking systems and pin marking systems.