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Turnkey Laser Systems

Models: SMARTmark Fiber, Tiburon & CO2 Lasers

Turnkey Laser Systems

A Custom Laser System Designed to Work for You

Through our collaborative approach, The MECCO Experience delivers turnkey laser marking systems that can't be beat. We believe that in order to deliver the very best in customized industrial product marking and identification systems, we must provide relationships and solutions that are grounded in innovation.

Our vast industry experience means that whatever your needs, we deliver.  We listen to your challenges and devise custom laser solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We've designed countless Class I workstations, so your project benefits from our modular approach and the expertise we've refined over the years.

Increase Quality Assurance

Turnkey laser solutions can be outfitted with a variety of vision integrations to accomplish automated inspections.

Addiing vision capabilities to your SMARTmark Laser is a vital part of traceability and quality control for your parts. It enables tracking, sorting, and identifying through part orientation & marking area recognition, mark grading, and defect detection.

With a great amount of flexibility in how the options can be customized per project, verification and data collection can be used to improve your processes by connecting with your database.

Increase the Accuracy of Data Entry

Choose from a variety of methods to ensure you're marking the correct data:
  • Database Integration via MECCO's EtherMark® technology
  • Barcode Scanners
  • HMI Screens

Automate Part Loading

Determine the most efficient way for your laser marking system to transfer parts in and out of the system:
  • Robotics
  • Conveyors
  • Rotary Tables
  • Custom Fixtures

Ensure Safe Operation

MECCO systems have a variety of safety mechanisms to choose from in order to protect your operators and other facility personnel.  
  • Light Curtains
  • Hand Controls

Laser Marking Engineered Solution Examples

  • Standard enclosure configured with conveyor and vision
  • Custom enclosure with robotic part loading of small parts
  • Custom enclosure for large automotive parts

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