The Patented Laser Safety Seal

SMARTmark® Safety Seal

Models: Fiber or Tiburon Lasers with 254mm Lens

SMARTmark® Safety Seal

Sealing the Deal on Laser Safety

The patented SMARTmark® Safety Seal delivers Class 1 laser-safe integration without the need for expensive and large enclosures. The innovative design on the Safety Seal uses the part as the sixth side of the enclosure by vacuum sealing against the part, creating a light-tight, laser-safe environment.

All Safety Seals utilize a fume removal system to evacuate the marking debris in order to maintain internal cleanliness and mark quality.

  • Ideal for large parts: engine blocks, transmission cases, crank & cam shafts, vehicle frames
  • Economical solution compared to large enclosures
  • Reliably used in automotive production plants

System Features

  • Compatible with any power level of SMARTmark Fiber and Tiburon Lasers
  • Easy to integrate - Integrates with your production line to know what and when to mark
  • Sliding snorkel to meet the part
  • Valuable tool for part location variation
  • Ideal for large parts
  • Up to 4" circle marking area
  • Fume removal system is supplied with every system - I/O triggered
  • Easy-to-remove protective window for lens cleaning and maintenance
  • Customizable rubber seal for part geometry and surface finish
  • Laser will only fire when properly sealed to the part

System Technical Specifications



Laser Compatibility

Fiber or Tiburon with 254mm lens

Output Power

5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W or 100W

Power Requirements

10W-50W: 110/220 VAC, 10A, 50/60Hz
100W: 220 VAC, 16A, 50/60Hz





Operation Mode


Pulse Rep Rate

20-200 kHz depending on model


10-50W: Fan Assisted Air Cooling
100W: Water or Air Cooled

Scanning Method

XY galvanometer


47 lbs + Laser Rail (20 lbs)


18" x 19.25" x 10.5" + Laser Rail

Cable Length

2.75 meters (5W), 5 meters (10W), 3 meters (20-100w)

Controller Dimensions

19.5" x 5.2" x 18"

Max Line Speed

3,000 mm/sec using 254mm lens


LEC Industrial computer based controller


Discrete I/O


WinLase Software


SMARTmark lasers all use WinLase laser marking software with unique MECCO options configured to your needs. 

We also offer custom Graphical User Interfaces to help ensure that ease-of-use, automation, database integration and vision inspection meet the needs of your project. 

Safety Seal Product Resources

Product Resources are available in our Virtual Product Support section, including:
  • Software Files
  • Manuals
  • Integration Guides
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Troubleshooting Videos
  • Software Training Videos

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The system is constantly drawing and measuring vacuum pressure on the part during the marking process. Sensors monitor the pressure, as well as part presence and cylinder position, in order to ensure that the Safety Seal meets all requirements for marking. If these safety conditions are not met or vacuum pressure drops while marking is in progress, the Safety Seal will close the safety shutter so that the laser output is interrupted. This safety circuit ensures laser safety at all times during the marking process.

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