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What is Laser Etching & Engraving?

Laser etching refers to a permanent mark that is made when a laser removes material from the surface of an object. Laser etching and engraving can be done on almost any part, making it a great solution for traceability in a variety of industries.


What is the difference between Laser Etching and Laser Engraving?

As the depth of the mark being laser etched increases, it is often referred to as engraving. The mark left by laser engravers and laser etching is permanent, weather-resistant and great for a variety of applications.

Materials and applications best suited for laser etching & engraving:

  • Metals: Steel, aluminum, brass, etc
  • Wood
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Polymers

Laser Engraving is used in a variety of industrial applications

  • Etch barcodes and serialized part identification onto mirrors
  • Engrave barcodes into various components and sub-assemblies
  • Etch barcodes onto wheels for traceability and NHTSA compliance 
  • Laser etch logos and icons on various plastic components and buttons
  • Engrave VIN numbers
  • Surface etching product information on circuit boards, plastic housings, and semi-conductor parts
  • Replace labels for permanent traceability
  • Laser etch small barcodes to help protect against counterfeiting

Laser Engraving Demonstrations

Videos of Laser Engravers in Action

  • Fiber Laser Marking Capabilities on Aluminum

    Fiber Laser Marking Capabilities on Aluminum

    Watch a marking demonstration of laser engraving, dark marks, and other etching capabilities on aluminum.

  • Fiber Laser Marking Capabilities on Brass

    Fiber Laser Marking Capabilities on Brass

    Watch MECCO's SMARTmark 20W Fiber Laser as it marks on brass. See how various settings create different marks, such as frost marks, dark marks, and engraving.

  • Fiber Laser Marking on Stainless Steel

    Fiber Laser Marking on Stainless Steel

    Watch as a 20W fiber laser marks stainless steel: This video demonstrates laser engraving, carbon migration and other laser marking capabilities.


Marking solutions are not one-size-fits-all. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best technology for your particular application. How do you choose the right marking and engraving technology for your specific application?

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Laser etching a barcode