Tiburon Laser Marking System for Plastics & Aluminum

SMARTmark® Tiburon Laser Marking Machine

Models: 5W

SMARTmark® Tiburon Laser Marking Machine

A Breakthrough Technology For Sharper, Cleaner Marks

When your application demands razor-sharp marking with minimal surface disruption, MECCO’s innovative SMARTmark® Tiburon Laser Marking System is the answer.

Tiburon’s ultra-short pulses deliver three times the peak power of conventional fiber lasers. Metal surfaces vaporize more quickly and plastics absorb energy more easily, creating brighter marks with almost zero debris. Higher peak energy removes paint, anodization, and oxide 25 to 50 percent faster while brightening the base material significantly. Result: Higher-contrast marks; barcodes that scanners read more easily; and improved traceability throughout your process.

Tiburon marks are smooth to the touch. Edges stay crisp, without debris or discoloration that compromise functionality or appearance with conventional systems. Tiburon is ideal for traceability and branding applications where mark quality and contrast are critical for success.

Sample Mark Gallery

MECCO is known for the high quality of the marks we produce, and these samples from SMARTmark® Tiburon Lasers showcase some of the common applications that highlight its capabilities. Tiburon lasers can be used for traceability and branding marks on plastics and anodized aluminum.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?  To help you find the right marking equipment for your project, MECCO offers free sample marking so that you can see what the mark would look like on your material.  

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Tiburon Laser Marking System Features

  • Produces sharper, cleaner, faster, surface-level marks
  • Enhances contrast on plastics and anodized aluminum
  • Marks an unlimited range of jewelry, tools, medical devices and promotional items
  • Combines low cost of ownership with air-cooled, consumable-free operation
  • Installs easily in a variety of enclosures (OEM Model Only)
  • Integrates simply with EtherMark® package
  • Connects to manufacturing databases via com and remote interface
  • Shutter and Power Status Lights: Redundant sensors monitor shutter position for safer operation
  • Air-Cooled Design is a maintenance-free, energy-efficient unit that needs no external chiller
  • Overall Dimensions: Laser rail is 6.44" x 17.50”
  • Interchangeable Lenses feature configurations and focal lengths that can be tailored to your application

Advanced Features for Integrators:

  • EtherNet/IP & Modbus or Profibus Communication
  • LCD Display with Enhanced System Diagnostics
  • LEC-Embedded Technology stores files locally without a computer for many applications
  • 3U 19” Rack-Mount Control Box with Integrated Filter Pack

System Technical Specifications

Laser Source

Direct Diode YAG Laser

Output Power


Peak Power

31.3 kW

Power Requirements 

100/240 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz


1064 nm



Operation Mode


Pulse Rep Rate

30 kHz



Scanning Method

XY Galvanometer

Rail Weight

23 lbs

Rail Dimensions

17.5" x 6.595" x 6.438"

Cable Length

2.75 meters, hard wired

Controller Dimensions

19.486" x 5.250" x 17.275"


3.5 μm across field

Max Line Speed

2,500 mm/sec using 160mm lens


Industrial LEC-embedded laser marking controller


Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, RS232


CE and SIL-3 Safety Rating


2 Years


USB Flashdrive with Operator’s Manual & Integration Guide
Online Video Troubleshooting

Lens Options


Marking Field

Focal Length


110mm x 110mm (4.3” x 4.3”)

184mm (7.24”)


175mm x 175mm (6.9” x 6.9”)

316mm (12.44”)


229mm x 229mm (9” x 9”)

422mm (16.61”)


330mm x 330mm (13” x 13”)

554mm (21.81”)

Laser Marking Software

SMARTmark lasers all use WinLase laser marking software with unique MECCO options configured to your needs.  

We also offer custom Graphical User Interfaces to help ensure that ease-of-use, automation, database integration and vision inspection meet the needs of your project.  

SMARTmark Tiburon Product Resources

Product Resources are available in our Virtual Product Support section, including:
  • Software Files
  • Manuals
  • Integration Guides
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Troubleshooting Videos
  • Software Training Videos

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Laser Product Options

  • U-Models


    A U-Model is the core product for making traceability marks on your parts. It consists of the laser rail with controller and is the choice for machine builders to integrate marking into a larger turnkey solution.
  • Enclosures & Workstations

    Enclosures & Workstations

    Lasers can be added to standalone, configurable enclosures that are designed to meet CDRH Class 1 safety regulations. Available in a range of sizes to meet the requirements of your parts.
  • Full Turnkey Systems

    Full Turnkey Systems

    SMARTmark® Laser Marking Systems are configurable to your part and process automation requirements. We can design and manufacture an enclosure to meet your needs in part handling, vision, software and database integration.

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