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Meet the MECCO Team

We at MECCO are proud of the team we've built and the culture we've developed. From one department to another, we believe in delivering The MECCO Experience and helping our customers succeed.  

Take a look behind the scenes at the MECCO team, who work together to help you, bringing a wide variety of experiences and expertise to design your marking solution.


The MECCO Experience starts with our sales team.  Our approach to every project is to understand your specific needs so that we can develop the right solution for you. This starts from the beginning of our discussions, not just after-sales support. We believe this experience begins with having an outstanding culture and employing the best people in the industry who look to serve, innovate, and create win/wins with our customers. 

Applications Engineers

Our applications engineers enhance the MECCO Experience by thoroughly understanding the needs of your application.  Helping out the sales team, applications engineers provide a high level of expertise on the marking method and product settings to get the mark you're looking for.  At MECCO, we know how to make a great mark, and we adapt to the specific requirements that are most important to you, delivering free sample marking with a report summarizing the application information.


Our operations team takes your project and makes it a reality.  We hold project review meetings to discuss the technical details and develop an engineered laser or pin marking solution with you, because we don't believe in just pushing out more of the same product if it doesn't solve your unique challenges.  This team coordinates all of the engineers and production personnel, including in-house machinists and electrical experts. 

Mechanical Engineering

At MECCO, we know you have specific part-marking and traceability needs and understand that your applications can be challenging. That's why we use our decades of experience to design and build machines that fit your specific requirements and manufacturing space.

Regardless of your challenges, our mechanical engineering team works with you to ensure you have the machine designed to your exact specifications that will ensure long-term success.  

Our team has experience across many industries and is ready to work with you to configure a solution that maximizes uptime and safety while minimizing risk and time lost. 

Controls Engineering

When your application requires detailed, customized electrical components, our controls engineers work to ensure you have exactly the system for your application.

Responsible for all electrical components, including specs, cabinet layout, and wiring schematics for your marking machine, the controls engineering team also handles system, robot, PLC, and Cognex programming. The team is involved in all custom machine building and creates, maintains, and supports all of your EtherMark needs

We are proud to be a Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner, a Cognex Certified System Integrator, and a FANUC Authorized System Integrator. Regardless of the obstacles your company is facing, our controls engineers can meet your company’s requirements. 


With more than 100 years’ experience between our dot peen and laser production teams, we are confident that every machine we ship to you is of the highest quality and can be integrated into your production process immediately.

We use only the best materials to construct our dot peen and laser systems, and every machine is American made, tested, and inspected by our team members to meet only the highest quality standards.  

Be assured that every machine that comes to your business is built to your specific needs and ready to integrate into your manufacturing process immediately. 

Customer Service

Our customer service starts with sales support and lasts for the life of your equipment.  We're here to help you succeed day in and day out, ensuring not only that you purchase the right system to accomplish your goals, but also to keep your manufacturing facility up and running as efficiently as possible.  

When you purchase a machine from MECCO, it comes with lifetime remote diagnosis. We offer training on-site, online, or at our facility, and our customers have full access to our dot peen and laser labs. MECCO also has factory trained representatives across North America that can help you locally with your applications or issues.

We also stock standard components that ship overnight, offer maintenance programs, and take action within 24 hours of any equipment issue, To keep you up and running, we also offering no-cost loaner components and systems. Simply put, when you buy from MECCO, you’re getting a more than a machine. You’re getting a partnership.  


When your equipment has an issue, we have the solution -- fast. If a MECCO machine experiences a problem, we provide several options for support.

Whether we send on-site support or fix the issue in our Pittsburgh-based factory, be assured that you are receiving quality work to fix the problem and keeps your machine running at optimal capacity. In business for almost 130 years, we rapidly respond to ensure that your manufacturing process is uninterrupted.

Our customers also receive MECCO Virtual Product Support 24/7 through our website. If you need to return your equipment for repair, it can easily be done through our easy online form. Simply fill out the RMA Submission Form and we’ll work to get your machine back to you as soon as possible.  

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