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2019 Manufacturing Regulations Making a Mark on Traceability

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly. Here's a roundup of the some of the key regulations affecting marking and traceability this year, plus a handy checklist to help you prepare.

Inside Hybrid S-MOPA Lasers (And Benefit Claims)

Inside look at hybrid laser technology
by Joshua Christley
We did the research. Now you can see what's really behind hybrid laser hype and it's benefit claims. Read more

What is Hybrid Laser Technology?

What is hybrid laser technology?
by Joshua Christley
You may have heard the term hybrid laser used to describe silicon lasers or laser arc welders in the semi-conductor industry. What is it? What are its benefits? And how can it be used in traceability? Read more

Combat Counterfeiting with Innovative Marking & Traceability

Anti-counterfeiting with direct part marking and 2DMI
by Scott Cunningham
How can OEMs find a solution to beat counterfeit and grey market channels at their own game? For an increasing number of companies, the answer is track-and-trace technology with direct part marking. Read more

Why Right Now is the Prime Time for Manufacturing

PartnerNetwork Conference 2018
Discover what the future holds for digital, automation, and the effects on the manufacturing workforce from the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Conference 2018. Read more

How do I Ensure High-Quality Laser Marks?

Ask an Engineer on how to ensure high-quality marks
by Joshua Christley
No matter what marking technology you use or what material you’re engraving, from metal or aluminum to wood or plastic, high-quality marks are key to improving traceability, minimizing counterfeiting, complying with industry regulations and enhancing quality. Read more
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Marking Videos

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About our Company

Go beyond our most recent news and learn more about our 125+ years in business.

How do I Choose the Right Laser Marking Technology?

best part marking technology for my application
by Joshua Christley
Laser marking technology is becoming more and more important in all realms of manufacturing. One of the most common questions we get at MECCO is “How do I choose the right marking technology for my application?” Here are three main considerations to help you in choosing the best laser technology. Read more

How MECCO Stays Two Steps Ahead

Two Steps Ahead
We share what it means for us to stay ahead of the game. And we delve into why it matters – for our customers, ourselves, and each other. Read more

Design for Success

Design for Success
We agree that thoughtful planning and preparation ultimately instill trust, and position us to deliver first-rate solutions. In today’s Align with Nine post, we illustrate the power of preparation by examining our Core Behavior #8: Design for Success. Read more

Pursue Personal & Company Growth

Pursue personal and company growth
We believe that growth is a constant process, one that must be nurtured. So how do we ensure that each member of our team has the proper tools to grow? Answer: by inspiring them to stay curious and expect more. Read more

Be Humble

Humble - Corporate Culture
We believe that the path of favorable interactions begins and ends with a focus on the good of the whole, not of the individual. Read more
Learn More About MECCO
About our Company

Go beyond our most recent news and learn more about our 125+ years in business.

Lend Hands to Your Team

Lend Hands to Your Team
We create an environment in which “lending hands” becomes a guiding principle. To do so, we follow two basic beliefs: practicing blameless problem solving and honoring our commitments. Read more

Build Open & Honest Communications

Build Open and Honest Communications
As a team, we agree that communicating well allows us to unlock our greatest potential and deliver our best to our clients, to each other, and to ourselves. Read more

MoonArk Exhibit at Carnegie Museum

MoonArk Exhibit in Carnegie Museum
The MoonArk, a capsule created by Carnegie Mellon University’s Moon Arts Group, will be unveiled in an installation at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History on September 28, 2017. Read more

Responding with a Sense of Urgency

Responding with a sense of urgency
At MECCO, we believe that a sense of urgency is crucial to delivering solutions effectively. Read more

MECCO’s Commitment to Creating Win/Wins

MECCO’s Commitment to Creating Win/Wins
At MECCO, we champion the power of win/win situations because they generate outcomes that benefit all parties. We stand behind their ability to yield positive and satisfying results. In today’s Align with Nine blog post, we delve into our Core Behavior #2: Create Win/Wins. Read more

How We Provide Innovative Solutions

How We Provide Innovative Solutions
To bring our innovation-first commitment to life, we share commentary from a wide range of our team members. Each team member defines “innovation” in his or her own terms, and how it translates into our rallying cry: to deliver innovative relationships and innovative solutions. Read more

Putting Our Culture Into Practice

Putting Our Culture Into Practice
What defines a company’s culture? Ask ten people this question and you’re likely to get ten different answers. At MECCO, our culture is built on innovation and focuses on the core behaviors for how we treat customers and each other. Read more

Comparing Vibra Peen and Scribing

Vibra Peen and Scribe Marks
by Ryan Pillar
Choosing the right pin marking system comes down to what's most important for your application: noise, portability, or mark quality. Read more

How to Speed Up Part Marking without Sacrificing Depth

Deep Pin Marking
by Ryan Pillar
A MECCO customer recalls their improvements after switching from hand stamping part numbers to achieve more legible marks after galvanizing. Read more

Improve Mark Accuracy with 3 Position Rotary Workstation (Video)

3 Position Rotary Workstation
MECCO's SMARTmark Fiber Laser Marking System can be integrated into various customized enclosure options like this 3-Position Rotary Workstation. Featuring Rockwell Automation controls and our Encompass Program referenced laser marker. Read more