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Manufacturers' Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Counterfeit Products

Spot counterfeit products
Counterfeit products have become a major problem – for manufacturers and consumers alike. Read these tips on how to spot a fake as a shopper and gain ideas on how you can reduce the risk of counterfeiting as a manufacturer. Read more

Essentials for Traceability in the Oil & Gas Industry

Essentials for Traceability in the Oil & Gas Industry
Direct part marking allows downhole drillers, tool joint manufacturers, fabricators, or industry suppliers to verify part quality by marking them with essential traceability info. If any issues do arise in the field, parts from the same batch can be quickly identified to prevent costly mistakes. Read more

Inspiring Tomorrow’s STEM Professionals

STEM Students Touring MECCO
STEM is a great way to foster a student’s curiosity about the world and how things work. Our employees got to spend an afternoon with a group of extraordinary young women, opening their eyes to new opportunities and, of course, having fun with some really cool laser and dot peen marking machines! Read more

5 Big Auto Trends You Need to Prepare For

5 Big Auto Trends You Need to Prepare For
by Dave Sweet
The automotive industry is in the midst of big changes, from technology advances to evolving consumer preferences to tighter regulations. This transition is shifting the traditional business model, and the interconnected effects will touch every part of the automotive supply chain. Read more

3 Traceability Must-Haves for Wheel Manufacturers

3 Traceability Must-Haves for Wheel Manufacturers
by Ian Conaway
Wheel manufacturers have a unique challenge: Effectively marking parts with a unique identifier, while still fulfilling your need to continually improve operational efficiency. A track and trace solution can save you time and money -- if you know the requirements. Read more
More Marking Videos
Marking Videos

See our laser and dot peen systems in action in the video library.

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Comparing Vibra Peen and Scribing

Vibra Peen and Scribe Marks
by Ryan Pillar
Choosing the right pin marking system comes down to what's most important for your application: noise, portability, or mark quality. Read more

How to Speed Up Part Marking without Sacrificing Depth

Deep Pin Marking
by Ryan Pillar
A MECCO customer recalls their improvements after switching from hand stamping part numbers to achieve more legible marks after galvanizing. Read more

Top 5 Most Interesting Things MECCO Marked in 2015

Interesting Mark Samples
MECCO’s laser and dot peen equipment marks a wide variety of parts throughout all industries to solve a host of application challenges. But what are the five most interesting things we marked this past year? Read more

Video: Portable Pipe Marker with Magnetic Guide

Portable marking equipment makes it easy to add traceability to a variety of parts, but pipes can be more complicated. MECCO has designed a bracket that is installed onto our MC2000 hand held dot peen machine, and it is paired with a magnetic guide that goes on the pipe. Read more

Video: Flange / Coupling Marker for 360° Part Marking

Flange Marking System
The permanent identification of a part for tracking purposes can be complicated depending on the part’s shape. Round parts, such as pipes, flanges, and couplings, require unique marking equipment to ensure a quality mark around the diameter. Read more
Learn More About MECCO
About our Company

Go beyond our most recent news and learn more about our 125+ years in business.

Video: Tag Marking System – Dot Peen

This month’s featured machine is the MC2000 Tag Marking System. This system is the perfect solution for marking stacks of tags at a time with serial numbers, text, logos, and other information. Featuring a pneumatic pick and place arm, this system lifts tags from a magazine that holds 100 tags. Read more

Portable Oil & Gas Deep Marking Units on Display at OTC 2014

Mecco Marking & Traceability is exhibiting at OTC 2014 on May 5-8. We’ll be showcasing marking solutions that provide traceability for the oil & gas industry, including dot peen and vibra peen permanent marking solutions that offer deep marks that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Read more

Featured Machine of the Month – Tool Joint Marker

Our featured machine of the month is a MC2000 N-34 Tool Joint Deep Marker with pneumatic clamps. In this demo video, you’ll see how Mecco Marking & Traceability customized a deep marker for 2D data matrix and human readable part marking on pipes and tubing. Read more

Video: Portable Dot Peen with Pneumatic Clamp

This featured video demonstrates an MC2000 dot peen marking system that was developed for a customer who needed to mark 2" and 4" steel pipes, and wanted the ability to have the marker attach to the part so that the operator could let go. Read more

Video: Dot Peen Marking Station

Dot Peen Marking Station
While the MC2000 SuperFast is designed to meet short marking cycle times on production lines, its speed can also be an asset in other configurations. This featured system shows how the SuperFast can be incorporated into a dot peen marking station that requires parts to be placed for marking. Read more

Choosing a Marking System: Different types of impact marking

Dot peen marking is a permanent, direct part marking process using a carbide pin to indent the marking surface to form continuous lines, logos and 2D Data Matrix bar codes. When considering an impact marker, it is important to weigh the advantages of each technology. Read more

Need to mark a round part? Rotary Chuck Demo Video

Rotary Chuck Demo
This demo video shows our MC2000 dot peen marking equipment with the benchtop mounted rotary chuck. This add-on to the MC2000 line of dot peen and vibra peen products allows for circumference marking with our standard marking heads. Read more