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Inside Hybrid S-MOPA Lasers (And Benefit Claims)

Inside look at hybrid laser technology
by Joshua Christley
We did the research. Now you can see what's really behind hybrid laser hype and it's benefit claims. Read more

What is Hybrid Laser Technology?

What is hybrid laser technology?
by Joshua Christley
You may have heard the term hybrid laser used to describe silicon lasers or laser arc welders in the semi-conductor industry. What is it? What are its benefits? And how can it be used in traceability? Read more

Combat Counterfeiting with Innovative Marking & Traceability

Anti-counterfeiting with direct part marking and 2DMI
by Scott Cunningham
How can OEMs find a solution to beat counterfeit and grey market channels at their own game? For an increasing number of companies, the answer is track-and-trace technology with direct part marking. Read more

How do I Ensure High-Quality Laser Marks?

Ask an Engineer on how to ensure high-quality marks
by Joshua Christley
No matter what marking technology you use or what material you’re engraving, from metal or aluminum to wood or plastic, high-quality marks are key to improving traceability, minimizing counterfeiting, complying with industry regulations and enhancing quality. Read more

How do I Choose the Right Laser Marking Technology?

best part marking technology for my application
by Joshua Christley
Laser marking technology is becoming more and more important in all realms of manufacturing. One of the most common questions we get at MECCO is “How do I choose the right marking technology for my application?” Here are three main considerations to help you in choosing the best laser technology. Read more
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Marking Videos

See our laser and dot peen systems in action in the video library.

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Comparing Vibra Peen and Scribing

Vibra Peen and Scribe Marks
by Ryan Pillar
Choosing the right pin marking system comes down to what's most important for your application: noise, portability, or mark quality. Read more

How to Speed Up Part Marking without Sacrificing Depth

Deep Pin Marking
by Ryan Pillar
A MECCO customer recalls their improvements after switching from hand stamping part numbers to achieve more legible marks after galvanizing. Read more

Top 5 Benefits of MECCO Laser Marking Software

Laser Software
Our customers love the easy-to-use laser marking software that comes with a MECCO laser. Here are the top 5 benefits that you may not know about: Read more

Top 5 Most Interesting Things MECCO Marked in 2015

Interesting Mark Samples
MECCO’s laser and dot peen equipment marks a wide variety of parts throughout all industries to solve a host of application challenges. But what are the five most interesting things we marked this past year? Read more

Demo: Traceability for the Connected Enterprise

To overcome today’s industrial challenges, manufacturers need to work smarter by connecting the factory. They need to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase quality. All of these goals can be accomplished using an integrated track and trace system. Read more
Learn More About MECCO
About our Company

Go beyond our most recent news and learn more about our 125+ years in business.

Traceability Systems for the Connected Factory

Traceability System
Most factory equipment is controlled through programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to automate processes in assembly lines. EtherMark® is the solution for direct communication from the PLC to the marking device. Read more

3-Axis Laser vs 2-Axis Laser Comparison

2.5D Laser Mark Sample
What's the difference between a 2-axis and 3-axis laser? Learn why you many only need a 2D part marking system rather than an expensive 3D marking system. Read more

Understanding the Benefits of Direct EtherNet/IP Communication over Proprietary APIs

Benefits of EtherNet/IP Marking
Industries such as automotive, oil & gas, medical devices, aerospace and metal fabrication know the value of permanent, legible marks on parts and assemblies created by permanent part marking systems. Read more

Why choose laser marking over printing?

Laser marking vs printing
If you manufacture products or components, you know how important it is to mark your parts with a part number, model number, barcode, or even a logo. This makes it easy for you and your customers to identify parts in the future for replacement or repair. Read more

Choosing a Marking System: Different types of impact marking

Dot peen marking is a permanent, direct part marking process using a carbide pin to indent the marking surface to form continuous lines, logos and 2D Data Matrix bar codes. When considering an impact marker, it is important to weigh the advantages of each technology. Read more

Choosing a Marking System: Types of Laser Marks

Laser Marks
If you’re evaluating new part marking systems, there is more to consider beyond choosing a laser marker or dot peen marker. You may be wondering, what all can a laser marker do? Each technology offers different functionality that will produce different kinds of marks. Read more

Implementing a Traceability System: Benefits & Steps to Get Started

Traceability is the process for locating components and their appropriate history throughout their life. Implementing a traceability system allows for tracking all WIP and reports production, verifying processes, providing complete lot traceability, and links operator and machine to part being made. Read more
More Marking Videos
Marking Videos

See our laser and dot peen systems in action in the video library.

Learn More About MECCO
About our Company

Go beyond our most recent news and learn more about our 125+ years in business.