Industrial Laser Marking Systems and Dot Peen Marking Systems

The leader in direct part marking for traceability and part verification since 1889, Mecco® Marking & Traceability serves manufacturers in the automotive, oil & gas, fabrication & metalworking, assembly, medical, defense, and aerospace industries. We offer a full range of cost-effective laser marking and dot peen technologies for workstations, portable and hand-held part marking, and integrated production/assembly lines.

In our 125 years of experience, we’ve created a number of innovative solutions for the evolving needs of industry and helped clients solve their marking problems with our leading edge technologies, processes and applications. Our unmatched comprehensive support throughout a project delivers significant savings in time and money for our clients.

Contact us for a comprehensive analysis of your particular situation so that Mecco® can recommend the best marking solution for you.

Laser Marking & Engraving
Choose a laser marking machine for versatility, speed, and the highest read rate in marking 2D bar codes for traceability.

EtherNet IP For Marking Devices
The first technology solution that facilitates direct integration of marking systems into factory automation networks using Ethernet/IP protocol.

Dot Peen Marking
As the most cost effective technology for applications requiring a fast, deep mark, our line of Couth MC2000 dot peen machines provides permanent marks that are ideal for industrial, oil & gas environments.