Laser Marking & Engraving


Choose a laser marking machine for versatility, speed, and the highest read rate in marking 2D bar codes for traceability.

Dot Peen Marking


As the most cost effective technology for applications requiring a fast, deep mark, our line of Couth MC2000 dot peen machines provides permanent marks that are ideal for industrial, oil & gas environments.

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Laser Marking Systems and Dot Peen Marking Systems for the Connected Factory

Founded in 1889, MECCO is a leading U.S. based manufacturer of industrial part identification systems, offering a full line of laser marking and dot peen marking technologies. Today’s top manufacturers have partnered with MECCO to develop full marking and traceability solutions that enable their factories to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase quality.

MECCO provides solutions that, by connecting to the factory floor, create an automated marking process for full traceability implementation. Whether it’s a standard system or a custom integration designed to fit your unique needs, only MECCO can meet all of your integration, usability, and production goals.

Contact us for a comprehensive analysis of your application so that we can recommend the best marking solution for you.

Get Expert Insights on Your Part ID and Traceability Applications

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