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Part Identification & Traceability for Every Industry

Traceability and part identification is a critical part of the manufacturing process, and lifetime traceability and readability is often required by law. Your company’s goals and manufacturing processes determine how you will want to implement and accomplish the part identification process. Several variables, including the part’s material, size, finish, curvature and post-processing impact how the marking process is executed.

Are you looking to increase user safety and reduce work injuries? Do you need traceability through the harshest environmental conditions and manufacturing circumstances? Are communications errors on the factory floor slowing down your production processes and costing your company time and money?


Deep Dives: Unique Marking Requirements by Industry

Explore our product capabilities for applications within your industry.

  • Aerospace

    MECCO's laser and dot peen markers add permanent traceability to all parts of an aircraft. From the wings to the smallest electronic components, we have a solution for your application.

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  • Automotive

    MECCO’s automotive marking products offer smart automation solutions for permanent traceability.

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  • Electronics

    MECCO delivers traceability systems for electronic components including printed circuit boards, molded plastic housings, semi-conductor parts and more.

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  • Fabrication

    Fabricated parts permanently marked for traceability using the deepest marker in the industry.

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  • Medical

    Medical devices marked hygienically for patient safety.

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  • Oil & Gas

    MECCO’s deep marking products offer an alternative to hand stamps for permanent part identification.

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    Oil & Gas

FREESample Marking

Not sure what marking process would be best for your parts?  MECCO offers free sample marking to help your evaluation.  We'll test different settings and product options to help you determine the best solution.  

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