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Get A Traceability Partner

Lifetime support to help you optimize traceability

At MECCO, we are committed to being your traceability data partner by providing quality marking solutions that feature factory-ready connectivity.

Our systems enable you to get up and running quickly because of our capabilities in factory integration and traceability data handling, our proven laser application expertise, and our world class customer service.

Whether it’s a standard system or a custom integration designed to fit your unique needs, only MECCO can meet all of your integration, usability, and production goals.

Integrating our solutions with your process reduces waste and downtime while boosting productivity and profits.

What is the MECCO Experience?

It’s unlike any other.  Our culture is built on partnering with our customers for a long-term relationship, enabling us to fully understand your projects and deliver complete solutions.

Work with us, and you’ll understand why so many Fortune 100 companies have chosen us as their partner for part traceability. 

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Constantly evolving to meet the needs of industry since 1889, MECCO’s long history is founded on a commitment to quality, technology, and partnerships with our customers.

We listen to our customers in order to deliver the right application and integration required, and our customers have responded with loyalty throughout the last century.

Personal Support

Our unmatched comprehensive application, integration and automation support throughout a project delivers significant savings in time and money.

We are committed to understanding your specific application challenges to develop full turnkey solutions.

We offer complete and ongoing training programs on-site, online or at our facility in order to help you fully understand and utilize the systems that we design.

Service & Expertise

MECCO is passionate about providing unparalleled service to our partners for maximum up-time and system productivity.

Our technical experts are a phone call away, and standard components are in stock for overnight shipping.

We offer preventive maintenance programs, field service training, remote diagnostics, and free phone support to answer your questions. MECCO provides a two-year warranty on the complete system and extended warranties that cover up to the first five years.

Should you experience any problems with your system, we provide on-site service and strive to minimize downtime by taking action within 24 hours.

For complex issues, we also offer no-cost loaner components/systems while your parts are being repaired.


Combining our experience with customer feedback, MECCO has developed innovative solutions that have helped clients solve their marking, traceability and automation problems for a broad range of materials, processes and applications.

The latest is our patent-pending EtherMark® line of marking equipment: the next generation of laser and dot peen markers for the automated Ethernet-connected factory.

For the first time in the industry, laser and dot peen marking systems can speak your native factory integration language – EtherNet/IP™ – delivering ease of integration into your factory automation process.

Experience a tremendous time savings during initial integration and long term support by using EtherMark®, which eliminates the need to write, constantly update or validate months of custom interface software to a laser system using proprietary language.


We supply a solution, not just the tool. When we look at how we structure our equipment, how we structure our service and support, and how we structure our company, it's geared around providing the best support to our customers so that we are their long-term partner through the life of their manufacturing.

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