Video: Laser Mark Bearings


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Video: Laser Mark Bearings


Making permanent marks of part numbers, lot codes and identifying information onto bearings can present unique challenges. Typically marking on the face of the bearing, you will want a smooth, black annealed mark with no raised material.

To solve these needs, MECCO developed the Bearing Marking Station, which combines the MeccoMark Fiber Laser with a customized 2 position rotary workstation and Custom GUI to deliver an easy-to-use turnkey marking solution.

How to Laser Mark Bearings

To begin, the operator selects the appropriate job in the custom GUI, which allows for precision adjustments for mark placement.  The bearings can then be loaded into the custom fixture, which has an adjustable design that will accommodate marking of both the inner and outer races, before pressing the "Start" button.

The workstation table will rotate so that laser marking can being within the Class 1 enclosure.  An optional camera can be added so that a live feed of the marking process can be monitored from the PC screen.  During this time, the operator can load more bearings in the second fixture and press the "Start" button when completed.  When the laser marking has finished, the queue feature will then rotate the workstation to begin marking the bearings in the second fixture.  Watch the video to see the bearing marker in action.

Bearing Laser Marking Station Specs:

• Compatible with both inner and outer races

• Customized 2-Position Rotary Workstation

• Class 1 Enclosure

• Light Curtains

• Custom GUI

• Fiber Laser Marking System

• Make high contrast marks with no surface disruption

Need to mark bearings? Get free sample marks!

MECCO offers workstations and custom GUI's designed to fit your application's needs. Contact us today to discuss your application and get free sample marking on your parts:

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