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Improve Mark Accuracy with 3 Position Rotary Workstation (Video)

3 Position Rotary Laser Workstation MECCO's SMARTmark Fiber Laser Marking System can be integrated into various customized enclosure options like this 3-Position Rotary Workstation.  Featuring Rockwell Automation controls and an Encompass Program referenced laser marker, this system communicates with a database to verify the correct information for marking.

While typically designed in two or four position rotary dial tables, MECCO designed this custom workstation to meet a manufacturer's needs where two operators could simultaneously load and unload parts while the Fiber Laser marked part identification numbers inside the enclosure. 

3 Position Rotary Workstation Specs:

  • Rockwell Automation Encompass Referenced Product Fiber Laser with native EtherNet/IP
  • Rockwell Automation controls
  • 3 Position, 40" diameter dial table 
  • Programmable Z Axis
  • Class 1 CDRH Enclosure
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Palm Controls


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