Featured Machine of the Month: Large Tray Laser Marker
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Featured Machine of the Month: Large Tray Laser Marker


An industrial Class 1 solution for marking large trays of parts

Our featured machine of the month is a MeccoMark XL Enclosure customized with an XYZ gantry.  This system was developed for a customer who needed to mark larger trays of parts that couldn't be marked by a single laser in a stationery position.

In this video, you’ll see how we customized an XL Class 1 enclosure for marking large trays of parts or large tools.  The XYZ gantry allows for movement along all 3 axes.  To demonstrate this, we set three sample parts in random locations on the bread board.  Within the 30" x 30" marking area, the laser rail is programmed to move along the XYZ gantry to each part.  The placement and speed can all be adjusted to meet your application's specifications.

After marking is complete, the laser returns to the home position in the back of the enclosure and the pneumatic door opens to allow for easy loading and unloading of the parts trays.  To start the next marking cycle, the system can be outfitted with dual hand controls that ensure operator safety while closing the door and starting the mark.

Large Tray Laser Marker Stats:

MeccoMark 20W Fiber Laser Marking System

- MeccoMark XL Enclosure

- Marking Area: 30" x 30"

Need to mark a large quantity of parts?  Consider using a tray to load them for marking at once. Contact Mecco's laser team to discuss your application.  We can see if the XL Enclosure is the right fit for your specifications or if one of our other products would be a better solution.

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