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Joshua Christley

Joshua Christley
Josh Christley is the Applications Manager at MECCO.  Follow him on our blog to learn from his years of experience in laser applications.

Can a Fiber Laser Engrave Wood?

Fiber vs CO2 Laser on Wood
by Joshua Christley
If you’re looking for a powerful technology that can be used to create clean, fast, high-contrast permanent marks for identification and traceability, fiber laser engraving machines are the way to go. But can a fiber laser engrave wood? Read more

I Can Use a Laser Marking Machine for That?

Can a marking laser be used for other applications
by Joshua Christley
If you’ve ever wondered, “Can a marking laser machine be used for other applications?” you may be surprised to discover just how versatile this technology can be. Read more

Is Hybrid Laser Technology Right For Me?

Is hybrid laser technology right for me?
by Joshua Christley
We wanted to know if hybrid laser technology was worth the investment. What we found was that the answer depends on what you’re willing to sacrifice to get all of the said benefits in one laser. Like anything, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Read more

Inside Hybrid S-MOPA Lasers (And Benefit Claims)

Inside look at hybrid laser technology
by Joshua Christley
We did the research. Now you can see what's really behind hybrid laser hype and it's benefit claims. Read more

What is Hybrid Laser Technology?

What is hybrid laser technology?
by Joshua Christley
You may have heard the term hybrid laser used to describe silicon lasers or laser arc welders in the semi-conductor industry. What is it? What are its benefits? And how can it be used in traceability? Read more
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How do I Ensure High-Quality Laser Marks?

Ask an Engineer on how to ensure high-quality marks
by Joshua Christley
No matter what marking technology you use or what material you’re engraving, from metal or aluminum to wood or plastic, high-quality marks are key to improving traceability, minimizing counterfeiting, complying with industry regulations and enhancing quality. Read more

How do I Choose the Right Laser Marking Technology?

best part marking technology for my application
by Joshua Christley
Laser marking technology is becoming more and more important in all realms of manufacturing. One of the most common questions we get at MECCO is “How do I choose the right marking technology for my application?” Here are three main considerations to help you in choosing the best laser technology. Read more