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Ian Conaway

Ian Conaway

Ian Conaway is the Engineering Manager at MECCO and a Laser Safety Officer. He has worked with the company for over 18 years. Follow him on the MECCO blog to read more on developing total part marking & traceability solutions.

6 Reasons Why Manufacturing Traceability is Essential Now

by Ian Conaway
For some companies, manufacturing traceability is an unattainable goal. However, to remain competitive and profitable, you need to start adopting this technology now. Learn why traceability is critical and how you can start building the best system for your operation. Read more

3 Successful Traceability Solutions You Can Learn From

3 Successful Traceability Solutions
by Ian Conaway
Finding and partnering with a supplier that has experience building complete solutions means that you also benefit from their experience for your speed to implementation. Here are three real-life examples of engineered solutions that manufacturers invested in. Read more

3 Traceability Must-Haves for Wheel Manufacturers

3 Traceability Must-Haves for Wheel Manufacturers
by Ian Conaway
Wheel manufacturers have a unique challenge: Effectively marking parts with a unique identifier, while still fulfilling your need to continually improve operational efficiency. A track and trace solution can save you time and money -- if you know the requirements. Read more
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