Choosing a Marking System: Types of Laser Marks


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Choosing a Marking System: Types of Laser Marks

Laser Marks

If you're evaluating new part marking systems, there are more factors to consider beyond a laser marker vs. a dot peen marker. For one, what type of mark are you looking for?

Laser markers are capable of creating a wide range of marks on a variety of materials, from stainless steel, to plastic and bronze. You may be wondering if a laser marker can create the type of mark you need for your application. Each laser marking technology offers different functionality that will produce different kinds of marks. Figuring out what type of mark would best suit your application is an important step.

Types of Laser Marks:

Laser marking systems are very versatile and can produce the following types of laser marks:


Higher powered fiber lasers can more easily remove the material in the shortest time. Varying the depth is achieved mostly by the number of passes.

Layer Removal

Surface etching is removing less than .001" of material. Make your mark on the surface by removing coatings such as ink or paint.

Carbon Migration

Otherwise known as 'black annealing,' it can only be done on stainless steel and titanium. It is a heat treating of the metal to bring the carbon to the surface.


Bonding materials together can be used to achieve contrast in applications where a laser typically can’t achieve a contrast mark. Appropriate for metals, glass and ceramics. This process is good for safety critical hardware, high temperatures, and salt fog/spray environments

Not sure which type of laser you need for your application? Discover more about MECCO's range of  laser marking capabilities and how we can design a solution for you.

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