Video: Dot Peen Marking Station


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Video: Dot Peen Marking Station

Dot Peen Marking Station

While the SuperFast is designed to meet short marking cycle times on production lines, its speed can also be an asset in other configurations.  This featured system shows how the SuperFast can be incorporated into a dot peen marking station that requires parts to be placed for marking. Used for marking text and 2D data matrix barcodes on cast aluminum, this marking station features dual hand control for safety, auto standoff and part presence sensor, and a 2D verification system.

As you can see in the video, the dual hand controls of the dot peen marking station are used to begin the marking process, which lowers the marking unit down towards the part.  The auto standoff and part presence sensor then ensure that the mark will be made properly. When the mark is complete, the marking unit raises up out of the way to allow for a Cognex vision system to read the mark and verify that the bar code is readable for traceability purposes.

Dot Peen Marking Station Stats:

Equipment: SuperFast Dot Peen Marking System with N-7 Marking Head

Type of Part Being Marked: Cast Aluminum

Mark Type: 2D Data Matrix, Text

Learn more about the SuperFast Dot Peen Marking System : SuperFast

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