Robotic Marking & 2D Verification Cell Demo at Assembly Show


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Robotic Marking & 2D Verification Cell Demo at Assembly Show

Robotic marking

We recently exhibited at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL, displaying our laser marking systems and dot peen marking systems.  This event was launched this year, providing an exclusively assembly-focused trade show for suppliers, buyers and users to connect and learn about new technologies.

Mecco introduced our new EtherMark™ product at this show, which is the first native EtherNet/IP communication for marking devices.  It offers the ability to integrate a laser or dot peen marking into an automated assembly process controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC without the need for hours of custom programming.

Among the products on display at the Mecco Marking & Traceability booth were:

MeccoMark Fiber Laser Marking System

EtherMark : the first native EtherNet/IP solution for marking devices

SuperFast dot peen marking system

We also demonstrated a robotic marking and verification cell, providing an example of the capabilities that our marking systems have in an automated factory environment.  This demo cell utilized a FANUC robotic arm to move a sample part throughout a marking and verification process.

This video shows the robotic marking & 2D verification cell that we were demonstrating in our booth.  The robotic arm can be seen moving a part to be marked on one side by a fiber laser marker, rotating it and moving it for marking by a dot peen marker, and then moving the part in front of a Cognex camera for reading and verification, which can be seen on the laptop computer as the marks receive a pass or fail grade.

Interested in learning more about how Mecco Marking & Traceability can help put an automated marking system in your factory?

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