New Safety Seal Video – Features Breakdown


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New Safety Seal Video – Features Breakdown


New in Laser Safety: Safety Seal for Laser Markers

Laser marking large parts typically presents a challenge in incorporating a large enclosure, but Mecco® has revolutionized the way laser marking is accomplished on the production floor. In this video, we show a breakdown of the key features of Mecco's patented innovation, the Safety Seal for Laser Marking Systems, which has been successfully implemented for automotive manufacturers.

Mecco's Safety Seal allows for laser marking by vacuum sealing against the part, creating a class 1 laser safe environment.  It features a customized rubber seal for any part geometry and any part surface to ensure a laser safe seal is formed.  This is true for flat or curved surfaces with light to rough cast. Sensors are used to monitor vacuum pressure, part presence and cylinder position. Using sensors to verify that safety conditions are met, Safety Seal ensures that the laser only fires when properly connected.  If these safety conditions are not met, the safety shutter is closed, interrupting laser output.

Other features:

- A digital gauge to measure vacuum pressure - Helps with part location variation - Compatible with any MeccoMark Fiber Laser power level -Interlocked safety lens keeps the main system's optics clean and can be removed for easy maintenance     

Watch the video to learn more about our patented Safety Seal and see how it works. Do you have large parts to mark on an assembly line? Contact Mecco to discuss integrating this turnkey solution on your production floor.

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