Machine of the Month: EtherMark-Enabled Rotary Workstation


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Machine of the Month: EtherMark-Enabled Rotary Workstation


This EtherMark-Enabled Laser Marking Rotary Workstation utilizes EtherNet/IP communication to allow for easy and flexible communication to the manufacturing floor.

EtherMark is the first native EtherNet/IP communication package for laser marking systems, and this implementation shows how it can be used not just within a typical production line, but within laser workstation enclosures as well.

The manufacturing PLC is able to send data to the marker via EtherNet/IP.  Using the rotary workstation, an operator is able to place blank parts for marking in the front station while other parts are marked by the laser system inside the Class 1 laser-safe enclosure. This is done using custom fixtures for your parts in order to ensure optimal placement.

Cognex vision system then reads, verifies and grades the mark so that it can relay the info back to the PLC and update the HMI (human-machine interface).

Upon completion, the workstation rotates the table so that marking can begin on the next parts while the operator removes the completed parts and places new ones for marking.

EtherMark-Enabled Rotary Workstation System Stats:

– MeccoMark Fiber Laser Marking System

– Mark Type: 2D Data Matrix

– Type of Part Being Marked: Cast Aluminum

– Cycle Time: 3. seconds

– EtherMark: EtherNet/IP for marking devices

Interested in an EtherNet/IP solution for your marking devices?

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