EtherNet/IP for Marking Devices Debuts at Assembly Show


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EtherNet/IP for Marking Devices Debuts at Assembly Show


Mecco Marking & Traceability has released EtherMark: EtherNet/IP for Marking Devices and will be demonstrating its capabilities at The Assembly Show beginning October 28.

Attendees can stop by Booth #446 to see how this patent-pending technology facilitates integration of a marking system into factory automation networks using Ethernet/IP protocol. Mecco® developed this method of integration along with embedded control technology in order to save time and money by eliminating the need for custom programming of programmable logic controllers (PLC’s).

Current marking systems employ vendor-specific proprietary API’s (Application Programming Interfaces).  These interfaces require the PLC programmers to learn a proprietary command set and create custom code to perform basic marking operations. Mecco’s laser and dot peen marking systems allow factory floor PLC’s to use EtherNet/IP to control the marking process, which simplifies the communication process to only one command by PLC for loading, configuring and marking a job file.

“By implementing both embedded controller technology and EtherNet/IP communication,” explains Dave Sweet, President of Mecco® Marking & Traceability, “we provide an innovative solution to the traditional problems of integrating laser and dot peen marking equipment by directly communicating with PLC’s, thus removing PC’s from the factory floor.”

To learn more about EtherMark and its capabilities, visit our EtherMark product page or contact Mecco at

The Assembly Show - Booth #446
October 28-30, 2013

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