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SMARTmark Enclosure Options

Options for Your Laser Marking System

Configure the equipment to meet your production goals

MECCO has a long history of engineering total turnkey solutions for part identification marking.  Our unique skillset of fully integrating a system into your production setting comes from experience doing this across many industries.  Below is a sampling of some of the standard options available for your marking systems housed within MECCO Mini, Small, or Large enclosures.  


Fumex Options

Add a fume extractor to your enclosure system in order to remove gas and odor in the air during the laser marking process. Keeping the air clean through an integrated HEPA filter is important in protecting the laser lens as well as health concerns, especially when marking plastics. Our system integrates with the laser to turn on only when the laser is running. This saves power and greatly increases the life of the filter.

Work Tables

Work Tables

Welded steel tables can be constructed to any height for ergonomic use by the operator. Our work tables contribute to workplace safety with adjustable feet stabilizers and by being constructed so that the enclosure doesn’t slip off.

Also available are optional castors for facilities that require the ability to easily move the marking system to another part of the building.

XY Table

XY Tables

XY tables increase marking area capabilities by adding a programmable surface capable of moving along the X and Y axes, which reduces the frequency that an operator would have to load new parts for marking. Integrating an XY table enables the laser system to mark a larger area, which is especially helpful when marking large trays of parts.  A range of sizes for the XY table are available depending on your part size, from 10×10″ to 20×20″.

Rotary Indexer

Rotary Indexer

Software-controlled rotation for marking around the circumference of parts. Motion is programmable through our laser marking software. Multiple configurations for different part sizes.


  • 3-Jaw Chuck: The 3-Jaw Chuck is the most affordable option and allows for more adjustment capabilities
  • 5C Collet: The 5C Collet is helpful for applications that require the ability to more quickly change out the part

Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader Input

​Use as a keyboard wedge or in combination with a MECCO custom graphical user interface (GUI).

Pneumatic Door Laser Enclosure

Pneumatic Doors

Optional pneumatic doors come with many options to fit your needs. In addition to the air-powered lifting mechanism of the door, we can configure the door to automatically open when a job completes or open when a foot pedal activates it. For operator safety, the pneumatic door includes a light curtain or bumper bars to ensure no accidental injuries from a closing door.

Laser marking enclosure with pass-through


Adding a pass through to your enclosure provides a way to mark parts that are too long for the enclosure while still maintaining a small footprint and laser safe environment on your production floor. These pass-throughs can be used to incorporate a safe way to mark parts on a conveyor belt.

Laser enclosure side door

Side Door 

Add a side door to an enclosure for easier loading and unloading of oversized parts.

Side doors are also helpful in rotary workstations so that you can view the back of the rotary table.

NEMA Enclosures

NEMA Enclosures

Used to protect laser controller and computer components from hot and very dirty work environments. Add an air-tight, clean environment enclosure to your system and extend the life of your laser. MECCO makes enclosures that range from NEMA 1 to NEMA 12 to protect the laser controller and computer components from hot and dirty work environments.

NEMA Enclosure Cooling Options:
Economy Model: Vortex cooler that cools by using compressed air
Enhanced Model: A programmable AC unit with digital thermostat protects the laser by shutting down if the ambient temperature is over 105° F


Looking forPricing Information?

If you'd like to get a quote, start by heading over to the Product Catalog and selecting the size of laser marking enclosure that you want.  There, you'll find a form to get pricing and can talk with one of our product specialists about the optional accessories you'd like to add to your system.

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