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Standard Marking Machine

Models: OEM, Benchtop, Portable, Combo

Standard Marking Machine

Designed for Large Marking Areas

The COUTH Standard Series is the result of more than fifty years of experience and research. This next-generation dot peen marker is available in electric or pneumatic models and creates marks by indenting successive microdots, known as “dot peen” marking, or by a vibrating stylus, otherwise known as “vibra peen” marking.

With the largest window sizes available, the Standard Series is a versatile option with proven reliability and mechanics. It can mark a wide range of characters and symbols in variable sizes and depths.

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Pin Marking Sample Marks

MECCO is known for the high quality of the marks we produce, and these samples from SuperFast Dot Peen machines showcase some of the common applications that highlight its capabilities

Request Sample Marking

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  To help you find the right marking equipment for your project, MECCO offers free sample marking so that you can see what the mark would look like on your material.  

Contact us to request a sample on your parts


  • Electric or pneumatic fired pins
  • Stylus can do a test run following the outline of each line to be marked
  • On desktop models, the column is rotatable, making it possible to mark large objects
  • Optional pneumatically operated models for deep incisions and special applications
  • Minimum character size: 1mm
  • Marking in straight line at any angle of inclination or in circle, with programmable home positions, centers, radii and orientations of the characters
  • Mark 2D bar codes
  • Text/graphic input via COUTHsmartbox Controller

Technical Specifications



Dimensions Model Weight (KG)

340 x 220 x 280

U 5,2
PP 14,0
N 31,0
N+P 34,0

495 x 310 x 305

U 7,5
PP 21,0
N 40,0
N+P 43,0

Marking Window Sizes Available

  • 90mm x 60mm
  • 150mm x 100mm
  • 170mm x 170mm
  • 250mm x 60mm
  • 250mm x 100mm
  • 250mm x 170mm


The Couth products use the COUTHsmartbox Controller and come with two software programs to assist with faster programming and additional features: COUTHedit and COUTHvector.

We also offer custom Graphical User Interfaces to help ensure that ease-of-use, automation, database integration, and vision inspection meet the needs of your project.


Standard Product Resources

Product Resources are available in our Virtual Product Support section, including:
  • Software Files
  • Manuals
  • Integration Guides
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Troubleshooting Videos
  • Software Training Videos

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Product Configurations for the Standard

  • U-Models


    Marking for integrated assembly & automation solutions.
    90x60  •  150x100
  • Benchtop/Combo


    Benchtop pin marking equipment provides a column and base configuration for marking smaller parts. 
    90x60  B •  150x100 B
    90x60  C
  • Portable


    Portable configurations allow for easier mobility when marking large objects.
    90x60  •  150x100

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