Laser Marking System Mini Enclosure - Desktop Marking Enclosure

SMARTmark® Mini Enclosure

Models: SMARTmark Fiber, Tiburon & CO2 Lasers

SMARTmark® Mini Enclosure

Desktop Solution for Marking Small Parts

The Mini Enclosure has been specifically designed as a desktop solution with a small footprint for the most compact Class 1 enclosure. Its features make this enclosure a value packed, low-cost solution for one-piece workflow or trays of small parts. 

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Mini Enclosure System Features

  • Compact footprint for desktop operation
  • Option for internal single board computer
  • Class 1 laser-safe
  • Laser-safe viewing window
  • "Start Mark" button
  • Safety interlocks
  • Available with manual or programmable Z-axis adjustment

Enclosure Technical Specifications

Lens Options



15.38" wide X 13.25" deep X 14.75" high


45 lbs

Z-Axis Movement


Z-Axis Adjustment

Fixed or Programmable


Air cooled

Power Requirements

110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15A

Max Allowable Part Dimensions


Lens Size


X (width)



Y (depth)



Z (height)



Mini Enclosure Product Resources

Product Resources are available in our Virtual Product Support section, including:
  • Software Files
  • Manuals
  • Integration Guides
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Troubleshooting Videos
  • Software Training Videos

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Customization Options for This Enclosure

  • Choose Your Laser Source

    Choose Your Laser Source

    Lasers available for this unit: SMARTmark Fiber or Tiburon lasers with 160mm lens or CO2 laser with 200mm lens.
  • Choose Enclosure Options

    Choose Enclosure Options

    Browse Enclosure Options including tag feeders, side doors, pass-throughs, pneumatic doors, Fumex, XY tables & more. 
  • Choose Your Integration Method

    Choose Your Integration Method

    Do you want to use your marking system via PC or PLC?  MECCO offers computer and native EtherNet/IP or PROFINET interfacing.

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