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Laser Marking

Video: Laser Mark Bearings

Making permanent marks of part numbers, lot codes and identifying information onto bearings can present unique challenges. To solve these needs, MECCO developed the Bearing Marking Station. Read more

Video: Laser Marking Rotary Workstation

This month’s featured laser marking system is the MeccoMark Rotary Workstation, customized for an application that had the following goals: optimize marking cycle by putting the maximum number of parts in at once, be able to see inside the enclosure for job file set up, easy access for maintenance. Read more

Machine of the Month: Wheel Marking System with Powered Conveyor

This wheel marking system with powered conveyor utilizes EtherNet/IP communication to integrate marking and reading/verification into an assembly process. Using a MeccoMark Fiber Laser Marking System, this system was engineered to work with the customer’s existing powered conveyor. Read more

Machine of the Month: EtherMark-Enabled Rotary Workstation

This EtherMark-Enabled Laser Marking Rotary Workstation utilizes EtherNet/IP communication to allow for easy and flexible communication to the manufacturing floor. Read more

Machine of the Month: Laser Enclosure with Rotary Indexer

This month’s featured “Machine of the Month” is a MeccoMark Standard Class 1 Enclosure that has been modified for an application requiring the ability to mark round parts. Read more
More Marking Videos
Marking Videos

See our laser and dot peen systems in action in the video library.

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3-Axis Laser vs 2-Axis Laser Comparison

2.5D Laser Mark Sample
What's the difference between a 2-axis and 3-axis laser? Learn why you many only need a 2D part marking system rather than an expensive 3D marking system. Read more

MECCO Receives Patent for Safety Seal Laser Marking System

Mecco® Marking & Traceability has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their Safety Seal Laser Marking System: US Patent No. 8,624,154. Read more

Featured Machine of the Month: Large Tray Laser Marker

Our featured machine of the month is a MeccoMark XL Enclosure customized with an XYZ gantry. This system was developed for a customer who needed to mark larger trays of parts that couldn't be marked by a single laser in a stationery position. Read more

Why choose laser marking over printing?

Laser marking vs printing
If you manufacture products or components, you know how important it is to mark your parts with a part number, model number, barcode, or even a logo. This makes it easy for you and your customers to identify parts in the future for replacement or repair. Read more

Video: New MeccoMark Fiber Laser with Ethernet/IP

Mecco announces its new MeccoMark Fiber Laser with EtherNet/IP, a refined marking system focused on simplifying integration and usability. Featuring EtherMark: EtherNet/IP for Marking Devices, laser marking devices now have the ability to communicate directly with a PLC via EtherNet/IP. Read more
Learn More About MECCO
About our Company

Go beyond our most recent news and learn more about our 125+ years in business.

New MeccoMark Fiber Laser Features EtherNet/IP Integration

MECCO is proud to announce the release of its new MeccoMark Fiber Laser Marking System, which features patent-pending technology that facilitates integration of the marking system into factory automation networks using EtherNet/IP protocol. Read more

New Safety Seal Video – Features Breakdown

Laser marking large parts typically presents a challenge in incorporating a large enclosure, but Mecco® has revolutionized the way laser marking is accomplished on the production floor. In this video, we show a breakdown of the key features of Mecco’s patented innovation, the Safety Seal. Read more

Choosing a Marking System: Types of Laser Marks

Laser Marks
If you’re evaluating new part marking systems, there is more to consider beyond choosing a laser marker or dot peen marker. You may be wondering, what all can a laser marker do? Each technology offers different functionality that will produce different kinds of marks. Read more