Your Inside Look at Traceability in the IIoT


Your Inside Look at Traceability in the IIoT

Traceability in the IIoT

Every day, manufacturers are vulnerable to recalls, inefficiencies, counterfeiting, and process errors. And when any compromised product enters the marketplace, the consumer becomes at risk, too.

But there is one way to maximize manufacturing efficiency, keep product defect-free, control inventory, and prioritize consumer safety: Traceability in the Connected Enterprise.

Is this really all possible?

Take a look at this Q&A with MECCO President Dave Sweet to get a sneak peek at the insights behind his highly anticipated session at the IMTS 2018 Conference, Tying It All Together: The Crucial Impact of Traceability in the IIoT.

Discover the answers to some of your biggest traceability questions like:

  • How are traceability gaps impacting manufacturing today?
  • How can an IIoT-powered track and trace system protect from these threats?
  • What is the “Connected Enterprise,” and how can I benefit?
  • I want to implement a traceability system, but how do I get started?

Are you headed to the IMTS Conference? You can see Dave’s session live Tuesday, September 11 from 1:15 – 2:10 PM. Get all the session details, and if you haven’t booked your trip yet, you can register here.

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